Chi Kung Healing

Are you suffering from stress, depression, fatigue, emotional trauma or ill health? The solution can be found in the ancient Chinese art of Chi Kung (Qi Gong).

Chi Kung is a healing combination of meditation, gentle body movement and correct breathing technique. It can break up blockages in the body's meridian system that may cause physical, mental and emotional problems.

As a child Master Yu Gui Feng was struck by a severe digestive disorder. He suffered from chronic fatigue, had difficulty eating and was dangerously thin, and doctors could find no cause or solution. Then his family consulted the village Chi Kung masters and his life was forever turned around.

"Over the next 2½ months I practiced Chi Kung conscientiously. All the symptoms began disappearing of their own accord. Chi Kung had saved my life! From then I knew what my life purpose was meant to be. I had to share this wonderful healing technique with the rest of the world!"

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