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“To be the best you have to learn from the best.”

FREE Feng Shui Introductory Seminar reveals why others call this:

“The World’s # 1 Feng Shui Certificate Practitioner Course. There Is No Other Course Like It.”

You can become a World Class Feng Shui Expert and change your life with unequalledwisdom from the Master Feng Institute - Where the world’s best Feng Shui consultants are trained.


Why Us  

  1. THE ONLY course that covers ALL major schools of Feng Shui including the unknown truth about the Southern Hemisphere. Unlike most courses which focus on 2 or 3 different types of Feng Shui.
  1. THE ONLY course that gives your investment 100% protection with Our Iron Clad Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee - You can trial this course risk-free. If, by the 4th day of the course, you are still not convinced this is the best and most comprehensive Feng Shui program you have ever attended, and worth many times your investment, your full refund request will be honoured promptly and courteously! No questions asked!  And you will return the course material to us and keep the priceless calendar book and as our gifts to you for trying this program!


  1. THE ONLY course that can teach you everything you need to know about Feng Shui in just 4 days due to our unique Accelerated Learning Process developed by Master Feng.  It saves your time, money and effort. 


  1. THE ONLY course that gives you the most in-depth and complete picture for both Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Put aside what you have heard about this issue, get yourself ready for a complete enlightenment.


  1. THE ONLY Course that grants you 50 credits towards becoming a Feng Shui Master (100 credits needed in total).


  1. THE ONLY course that guarantees that everything you learn is the best of the best. Because: Firstly, Master Feng has spent nearly 30 years researching theentire history of Chinese Feng Shui, including the classical writings of ALLthe best Feng Shui sages.

    Secondly, He has done extensive world wide market research of all major Feng Shui courses. What you’ll learn from us is so much different and so comprehensive to what you’ll learn else where – There’s no comparison! – Therefore we can easily and confidently offer this course with a ‘No-Questions-Asked–Money–Back-Guarantee’ policy.  


    Thirdly, Because today’s life and business issues are so different to ancient times – Master Feng has created many breakthrough theories to ensure this ancient art remains suitable for modern life. He has also rediscovered much ancient wisdom that to this day is missing in all other current world wide writings and teachings. 


    Fourthly, Through his unmatched Feng Shui expertise, Master Feng has an uncanny ability to know when to follow the rules and when to break them, to the point that he has created a new Feng Shui revolution.  That’s why many people who have already attended many different Feng Shui schools, and spent thousands of dollars with other teachers were still confused until they met Master Feng. 


  1. THE ONLY course that eliminates confusion caused from different conflicting Feng Shui ideologies.


  1. THE ONLY course that is specially designed to comfortably meet the learning needs of both SLOW and fast learners.   


  1. THE ONLY course that takes you from being a Feng Shui novice to a World Class Expert effortlessly.


  1. THE ONLY Feng Shui course where 80% of its unique wisdom is not available from any other source.


  1. A qualification from the Master Feng Institute ensures that you will have International Credibility, as you’ll be Certified and Accredited by the Most Recognised and Trusted Name in Feng Shui within both China and Australia. This means your services will often be preferred by clients.


  1. Our Referral List - You’ll be on our Feng Shui consultants Referral List once you set up your Feng Shui business.  


  1. The most professional and dedicated post graduate support team.  We don’t just teach Feng Shui and then leave you to your own devices to succeed. Our post course support is designed as a safety net to give our newly graduated practitioners the extra confidence to take on Feng Shui jobs of any size.


 So rest assured, you will be enlightened, not confused; delighted, not disappointed.



What others say: 

 “Without a doubt, the best Feng Shui training available today.” Nancy Tsou, Former President of Feng Shui Society of Victoria

 "The best qualification you can find. It really does stand out amongst the others.  I now enjoy a very busy and successful business." Filiz Halil,Infiniteu

“I’ve read hundreds of books, attended many Feng Shui classes, which were held by many world famous Feng Shui Masters, but I was still confused until I met Master Feng, then everything became clear to me…” Dorothy Jackson, Sydney, New South Wales


“Master Feng has provided me with the knowledge that has taken most practitioners over a decade and several courses to acquire.  Chris Papageorgiou, Angelic Power Feng Shui Consultancy Services

“Master Feng is truly one of the greatest masters of all time.”     Australian Chinese Age


 I grew up with Feng Shui, as my late uncle was a Chinese Feng Shui master. I have learned Feng Shui with several other masters, but I still wanted to better my life and to improve my Feng Shui knowledge.


After I implemented Master Feng’s teachings in my own house, things gradually improved and POSITIVE CHANGES happened to my family. I then helped my friends and relatives, who amazingly also got benefits. All this success boosted my confidence and I decided to help more and more people.


Master Feng’s unique knowledge REALLY WORKS.  They are simple, go straight to the core of problems and bring results. I have helped couples fix their marriages, improved client’s career and financial conditions, and helped businesses to increase sales and profits.  My clients are from Australia,Indonesia, the United States and Canada.”   Suhana Lim, Feng Shui Practitioner and Author, 78 Tips To Increase Your Luck (Indonesian language)


Simplify the complex and overcome the apparent contradictions among differing schools of thought.” Jennifer Nugent, Kew Victoria

“An excellent investment of time and money.” Natalie Ridgway,Queensland


“Just do it, because the results speak for themselves.” Sharon Lim,Doncaster East, Victoria


About Master Feng



This unique Feng Shui career Training Seminar from the Master Feng Institute is currently available in Melbourne, Victoria; Sydney, New South Wales; Brisbane, Queensland and Perth, Western Australia. Please enquire about our Seminars in some American cities eg. San Francisco, California, New York, USA - United States of America, London, UK United Kingdom. Students often travel to Seminar venues from many countries and cities including Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Singapore, British Columbia, Canada, as well as Darwin, Northern Territory; Adelaide, South Australia; Canberra, Australia Capital Territory and Hobart, Tasmania.

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